The chapel choir started in the early days of the church at the clinical classroom of the ESUT College of Medicine, with Dr. Chiazo Onyia at the center and very few members. Gradual expansion of the chapel worshipers led to more Nursing and Medical students’ joining the choir, with Dr. Chinyere Maduechesi (now Dr. Mrs Chinyere Okafor) as the Choir director and Nzube Onwasigwe as the organist. The present Music Director Mr. Emeka Neboh, took over as the Choir/ Music director/ Organist just before the wedding of Dr. Maduechesi and since then, God has enlarged the choir both spiritually and numerically. With many of its members having graduated from the medical and nursing school, the resurrection voices currently has about 35 choristers, made up of men, women and young people,. The band section was also created and made up of about 10 members. The presence of the choir and band ensures that the chapel worship sessions are soul-lifting and inspiring, to the glory of God.



The choir actively participates in all the chapel outreaches (rural and urban) and wedding ceremonies. The choir meets every Tuesday and Saturday by 4pm for rehearsals, whereas every 2nd Tuesday has been set aside for the choir praying and fasting to seek the face of God and sustain the move of the Holy Spirit in the choir. The choristers assemble in church by 7.45am every Sunday for the service by 8.00am, with zero tolerance to lateness, indiscipline or absenteeism. The 2013 theme for the choir is “Holiness unto the Lord: raising worthy worship” and by the grace of God, inspiring worship sessions has remained one of the strongest points of the chapel. Our prayer is that God will transform the resurrection voices to one of the strongest choirs in the state and the nation at large, where holiness is the tradition, that we may indeed be light to the nations.

Choir Executives:

  • Emeka Neboh:            Music Director/ Choir Director/ Organist
  • Chidinma Igwe:          Asst Choir Director/ Praise leader
  • Mrs E. Madu:              Prayer Coordinator
  • Uche Eneakata:           Asst prayer Coordinator
  • Chibugo Igwe:            Treasurer
  • Uju Philips:                 Financial Secretary
  • Oluoma Mefute:          Librarian
  • Mrs Amaka Egbuna:   Choir Patron


the choristers with the music director, choir director and organist