Evangelistic Thrusts:

The Chapel was established to further the Enugu diocesan three prolonged holistic approach to evangelism, namely: preaching of the gospel, education development and healing. Her focus, under God, has been to be a centre for dissemination of unalloyed word of God, revival and healing, as well as proving the resurrection power of our Lord Jesus Christ in soul winning. This is to touch lives-both the physically sick and the whole – irrespective of denominational bias.

To this end, the Chapel has remained consistent with Ward and Vicinity evangelism. From the initial arrangement of rotating the wards monthly, the ward evangelism now covers all the wards during the monthly exercise. This is as a result of increasing commitment and joy experienced by the participants. During such visits to the wards, the word of God is shared and prayers (with laying of hands) made for the patients. Each patient is also given toiletries to assist in meeting their basic needs. The response has continued to be overwhelming with more than 70% of the patients and their relatives responding to the message of salvation and many getting discharged with dispatch.


Vicinity evangelism around the Chapel neighbourhood and Zonal evangelistic programmes round the city have continued to yield harvest of souls. The movement of medical students to the teaching hospital in the early years of the Chapel encouraged more aggressive evangelism. This involves weekly ward service invitations, yearly outreaches to the medical and nursing students. Special Sundays are also deployed as medical students, nursing students, doctors and children’s days in the church service programmes as evangelistic services. Thus the church has consistently saturated our Jerusalem with the preaching of the word of God, giving many the opportunity to make a decision about the Lord Jesus.

The Chapel had to establish welfare programme to enable her meet the needs of indigent students and patients in areas of concern such as school fees, feeding money, patients medical bills and upkeep etc. The indigency support programme of the Chapel also focuses on reaching out to the welfare of the members on issues that require special intervention. Bereaved members also have received attention ranging from visitation, counseling, financial and material assistance.

From the second quarter of 2011, the Chapel consistently maintained a yearly support to mission agencies whose core goals are evangelism oriented where she cannot be directly involved. Some of the agencies that have benefited include-

Nigeria Fellowship of Evangelical Students (NIFES) ,Calvary Ministries (CAPRO) Christian Missionary Foundation (CMF), Teenagers Outreach Ministry (TOM) ,Acts Theatre Light on the Hill Evangelistic Ministry (LOHEM), Millions for Christ, All Nations for Christ Liberation Ministries, Chinad Evangelistic Ministry,Peace House Labours: as well as some churches and ministers of the gospel, among others.



The cardinal goal of the chapel remained making everyone within the congregation a candidate for heaven, with emphasis on personal encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ in salvation and growth to maturity. Teaching sessions are deliberately built into the chapel programmes and opportunities availed the members in diverse areas of church life to facilitate maturity and make everyone able ministers of the gospel. The services have been enriching with preachers from various denominations to cater for the broad membership base of the chapel.


From inception of the chapel till date, special designated services for outreach ministrations are included in the programme for medical students, nursing students, doctors, young people and children. The Resurrection Choir has not been left out. Over the years, its inspiring songs and anchorage of worship sessions continue to bring down the presence of God with clear instructions through the word of prophesy.

The Sunday worship sessions have usually recorded between 348 and 587 people in attendance, with a target of 1000 enrolled members this year 2014.


The Midweek Miracle Service on Wednesdays commenced in January 2009 with practical faith building sessions and reviving prayer sessions. We call it our Spiritual ATM (At The Masters feet) – a place to recharge our faith in the Lord Jesus. The attendance continues to average between 100 and 144 worshipers. Teaching sessions are organized to touch our fundamental Christian beliefs, lifestyle and faith-building messages.

Over the years, the chapel has pursued themes that serve to deepen the spiritual life of members. Such themes include Church built up and multiplied, Walk in the Spirit, Holiness unto the Lord, The greatest is Love, to mention but a few.

The Zonal fellowships for men and women respectively started in February 2013.The zones have witnessed growth as members get to know one another closely. More zones are added as membership increases- to help build closer relationship among the congregation and form the pivot for neighbourhood evangelism.