The Chapel of His Resurrection (COHR) ESUT Teaching Hospital, Parklane, GRA, Enugu has since its inception pursued the vision of evangelism vigorously. Thus having made a considerable and remarkable impact in its Jerusalem (that is the GRA and environ), the Church set out to reach the hinterlands of Enugu also.


In the year 2010, one of the goals of the church was to embark on systematic church planting. In pursuance of this goal, the outreach committee of the church, under the leadership of Bro Damian Duruewuru, surveyed diverse areas within the hinterland of Enugu town in the bid to identify communities that would be suitable for church planting.

When the committee had still not located a viable location about  two weeks before the scheduled date for a crusade, it reported back to the chaplain. Right away, he made contact with Rev. Canon Okoli, of St Paul’s Anglican Church, China town, who informed him that Amagu village in Ugbawka, one of the eleven villages in the town, was a community that had not been reached, as it still did not have any established living church.

A delegation of the outreach committee subsequently arrived Ugbawka and, with the assistance of Rev Thank God(a young Anglican priest in the neighbouring village.), they visited the Igwe of Amagu Community, Igwe Felix Okpara, who graciously endorsed the crusade and even rendered his assistance to ensure its success. Indeed the Igwe granted permission for the use of the community primary School, as  camping ground, and an open air space near his palace as the crusade venue. At this point, Rev. Thank God played a most crucial role in locating an appropriate venue as well as in taking care of other logistic arrangement required to hold the crusade at Amagu, ugbawka.

The Outreaches

The maiden outreach (February, 2010)

With a venue identified and the forthcoming outreach announced, the congregation of COHR, ESUT, Teaching Hospital, Enugu, commenced preparations in earnest. Armed with the theme “Jesus The Only Way”, the outreach committee in collaboration with the chapel’s prayer team and members of te Holy Spirit (Ang) church, under Rev ThankGod Ogbui at Iseenu Ugbawka engade in series of hain prayer slasting for about two weeks. Rev canon Okoli had also kindly offered to send the boy’s Brigade team of St paul’s Church, China Town to go into Amagu village a day prior to the crusade to publicize the programme and to creat appreciable awareness about the crusade in Amagu and in its neigbourhood.

The congregation of COHR, also gave zealously and generously for the programme. Thus various items of clothing materials for all ages, bags and shoes, etc, were gathered. As monetary resources were made available, several necessary equipment was equally procured for the crusade.

Friday 19th February, 2010, eventually heralded the arrival of the group  from Chapel of his Resurrection enugu to Ugbawka. The crusade proper began with praise , worship and prayer sessions. A film titled “ the Glorous Arrest” was shown, while the message for the day was preached by bro Isearel Eze.

On Saturday, the medical outreach held with about nine doctors, 2 lab scientists, medical and nursing students. In the evening, the crusade began at about 5.30pm with the usual praise, worship and prayers. This was followed by a film captioned “Jesus na Asu Igbo”, and also by a film drama unit of COHR, enugu. The message for the evening was preached by bro Abel Isierue. On the whole over 300 people- men, women and children attendance the two day outreach inclusive of the medial outreach and counseling sessions, with at least 84 adults and over 136 children receiving the LORD JESUS, as their Lord and Saviour. About eighty-seven members of the Chapel in Enugu had also participated in the programme.

The First Church Service

On Sunday, February 21st, the first church service was held at the primary school in Amagu, Ugbawka. Rev. Canon Dr. Sam Ike officiated at the service, ably assisted by Rev. Canon Sunday Okoli who was also in attendance. Present in this service were several members of COHR, Enugu and about 78 Villagers. The Church teachers to nurture and see to the growth of newly established church.

Indeed, the following Sunday, February 28th,2010, the church, which was christened Mount Olives Anglican Church held her first service under canopies, with about seven members and with Bro. Isreal Eze Officiating as Church teacher.

Consolidating the New Church (further Outreaches)

In order to further strengthen and reinforce the growth of the newly planted church, the Chapel of His resurrection organized and embarked on another outreach programmed in May 2010. This was slated for the 15thth -16th May.

The crusade itself started at about 6pm, with prayers. This was followed by a film show, a drama and a message by bro Ogochukwu Nwankwo. He preached on the topic “Jesus the Only Way” to the glory God, the meeting recorded a number of converts from the village- about 38 adults and 58 children. The Church service of 16th May, 2010 commenced at 9.00am. the preacher was bro Damian Duruewuru, while  the conductor was Bro Emeka Okoli. Aside from the Ugbawka church members, about 65 persons from the COHR, Enugu, were also in attendance.

COHR, Enugu has continued to encourage, support and strengthen the steady growth of Mount Olives Church, Amagu Ugbawka through dedicated follow up visits, sometimes, bi-monthly, as well as in the  church  building project which was completed in 2011.