Pressing On In Integrity

2 Kings 12:4-15 (Pressing On In Integrity)
9Then Jehoiada took a single chest and bored a hole in the lid and placed it to the right of the main entrance into The Temple of God. All the offerings that were brought to The Temple of God were placed in the chest by the priests who guarded the entrance. 10When they saw that a large sum of money had accumulated in the chest, the king’s secretary and the chief priest would empty the chest and count the offerings. 11They would give the money accounted for to the managers of The Temple project; 12they in turn would pay the carpenters, construction workers, masons, stoneworkers, and the buyers of timber and quarried stone for the repair and renovation of The Temple of God—any expenses connected with fixing up The Temple. 13But none of the money brought into The Temple of God was used for liturgical “extras” (silver chalices, candle snuffers, trumpets, various gold and silver vessels, etc.). 14It was given to the workmen to pay for their repairing God’s Temple. 15And no one even had to check on the men who handled the money given for the project—they were honest men (with integrity). (MSG)

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