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Armour of God.

From Ven. Prof. Sam Ike

Sometime ago, as a Christian who believes that God is all knowing, I wondered why God did not send Paul to our generation. This was because, when I considered the generation that I lived in, and the things that wrestled against Christians, it was only logical that the man who wrote Ephesians 6 and 2Timothy 3, should have at least been sent to this generation.

Yet when I consider the scriptures closely, I understand that we were sent to this generation because we’re designed for this generation.

I dare believe that the hatred towards God which we see in this generation, as predicted by Christ would happen anyway, even if the 12 apostles and Paul were here. What I don’t consider normal is one who God has selected to be a Christian in this perilous time, not knowing that God has equipped us better to fight the enemy in this generation, and acting like “I can’t do this or that because I’m no Paul.”

Consider the amount of knowledge of the Word and Revelation of God’s Word that we have, even though we were not the ones that walked physically with Jesus in the streets of Jerusalem. Still, some don’t know they are better equipped.

You’ve been designed to do in this generation, what Paul was designed to do in his. Your lack of belief questions God’s ability to still fashion world changing Christians AND MY GOD IS NEVER OUTDATED.

Go and ask Cancer and HIV. Let’s fight the fight now and give the next generation, if Jesus tarries, loads to talk about.

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