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The Difference Between A Meek Man And A Weak Man.

From Ven. Prof. Sam Ike

The ease with which Moses dealt a killer blow to the Egyptian who murdered a Hebrew, is a pointer to the physical and mental strength he possessed.

If Moses was the meekest man on earth, then the difference between a meek man and a weak man, is that the former has the choice to settle a misunderstanding, with either physical might or spiritual understanding, but selects spiritual understanding, while the latter does not have any choice but to take the seeming disposition of peace, (maka ndi Igbo siri na afuro ka emee, emee ka afu – when the desired is not available, the available becomes the desired).

Meek men have learnt like Peter over time, to sheath their swords and allow the Holy Spirit’s instruction to overrule their feelings.
To find out how meek you are, check what you’ve done in the face of confrontation, when it was clear that you were completely stronger or more powerful than the opposition. Were your actions spirit controlled or muscle organised?

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