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Love and Passion.

From Ven. Prof. Sam Ike

One of the most difficult people to convince are people who believe they love each other and are about to get married. Whether you’re right or wrong, none of them will want to hear that the other person is not right for them.

In most cases, every time you try to break such people apart, your actions seem like a bond-enforcer that increases their resolute decision to stand by each other, and the story line of lots of “home videos” are based on this “I go marry him/her or die technology.”

When “love” is filled with passion, decision making is usually poor because decisions are based on your emotions, and not on rational thought.

What crazy things has your passion-filled love for Christ led you to do, that the world cannot rationalise?

Do you possess an “I go follow Jesus or die technology”, when your decisions will be poor judgment to the world but gets a standing ovation in heaven?

The character of men with passion is turning their world upside down.

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