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The Right Attire.

From, Ven. Prof. Sam Ike


When a labourer goes to work, he does not go with embellished clothing, but with understated, perhaps, “dirty” attire.

I look at the “Christian labourer” today, and it seems most of us are too concerned with how we look or are perceived by others, that one will wonder whether we would have time to see what the world really looks like.

Pleasure (all forms of satisfying self), is only right when it comes in behind business (God’s work). Anytime pleasure begins to come before God’s work or usurp God’s work, … … … …

We now have too many cute, sensitive Christians, easily angered and easily frustrated.

The world can play loud music and we can’t even holler loud gospel, even when our message is true and truth itself. Jesus preached to 5,000 people without a microphone. My Lord was not acting cute, He was loud.

Let the world feel your fire, we are Christians and that’s what we do.

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