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True Faith

From Ven. Prof. Sam Ike

If the scriptures are true every single time a true Christian prays, God answers that prayer. The reason some of us do not see the answer is because, we have a twisted understanding of faith.

Faith is not an instrument with which we obtain things from God. Faith is the ability to know when the answer to your prayer is No, Wait on me a little more, or Yes. The teachings we’ve heard over recent years only relates faith with the miraculous.

But faith includes the difficult part of accepting God’s answer of Nooooo, even when you feel like it should be a Yes, for faith understands the Omniscience and Love of God, and believes that God knows what’s best for me more than I know. So I choose to work with God’s knowledge rather than my feelings.

Contrary to what most think/practice, a man with faith is always a vector quantity, having magnitude and direction, for true faith is always based on what God knows.

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