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The Difference Between A Meek Man And A Weak Man.

by COHR Enugu

From Ven. Prof. Sam Ike The ease with which Moses dealt a killer blow to the Egyptian who murdered a Hebrew, is a pointer to the physical and mental strength he possessed. If Moses was the meekest man on earth, then the difference between a meek man and a weak man, is that the former […]

Armour of God.

by COHR Enugu

From Ven. Prof. Sam Ike Sometime ago, as a Christian who believes that God is all knowing, I wondered why God did not send Paul to our generation. This was because, when I considered the generation that I lived in, and the things that wrestled against Christians, it was only logical that the man who […]

The Right Prayer.

by COHR Enugu

From, Ven. Prof. Sam Ike   In these days of vast, unprecedented knowledge of God’s Word, it is a surprise that sometimes, very good Christians still contradict God’s Word in prayers. I would’ve thought that God might overlook that and still answer, until I came across Psalm 138:2b; “….for thou hast magnified thy word above […]

True Faith

by COHR Enugu

From Ven. Prof. Sam Ike If the scriptures are true every single time a true Christian prays, God answers that prayer. The reason some of us do not see the answer is because, we have a twisted understanding of faith. Faith is not an instrument with which we obtain things from God. Faith is the […]

The Right Attire.

by COHR Enugu

From, Ven. Prof. Sam Ike   When a labourer goes to work, he does not go with embellished clothing, but with understated, perhaps, “dirty” attire. I look at the “Christian labourer” today, and it seems most of us are too concerned with how we look or are perceived by others, that one will wonder whether […]

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